My husband and I had the pleasure of attending the Saturday night performance of "Golf "– we LOVED it!  Everything was wonderful, from dinner through dessert.  It was a fun time and we will definitely be back again and again.

Thank you,

Nancy Suhr
Golf: The Musical

"Golf: The Musical" is a fun romp. For $42.95 plus tax, you get a good meal and show, which has to be one of Door County's better bargains.

By Marty Lash
Door County Advocate

°Golf: The Musical" is a lighthearted series of songs and sight gags in which the perils and glories of this sport are explored.  Some people treat golf like a religion, and others can't seem to understand why it is so exciting to chase a little white ball around for hours.  These and other topics are given their due in this comedy, which is running Tuesdays through Saturdays this summer at Door Off Broadway Dinner Theatre.
From the very beginning the show's author felt he needed to justify the reason for the musical and explains it in the style of David Letterman's top ten list. Some of these are:
- Every idea sounds good when you are drunk;
- If you are willing to spend $300 on a putter, we can apparently sell you anything;
- There aren't enough shows for rich, white people. Michael Roberts wrote the show from a concept by Eric Krebs. James Zimmerman directs Door Off Broadway's performances.
The cast consists of three men and one woman. The men are played by Brady Lowe, Brad Grimmer and Andy Babinski.  Ashley Pankow plays the sole female part.  All are good talents, especially Ms. Pankow.  It's enjoyable and refreshing when Ms. Pankow carries about.  She is high-spirited and energetic, and she has a great voice. She is a great addition to the cast, and her presence reminds us that for many years golf was not played by many women.
Some of the gags work better in the show than others.  The first act is a little stiff, and some of the jokes fall flat. It is saved by a tribute to Tiger Woods and a tune suggesting that golf should be brought to the Gulf. Things improve in the second act.  I really liked the song about Secret Service guys and presidential golfers. The actors were dressed like those °Men In Black" characters and poked fun at Nixon, Eisenhower, Bush, and Gerald Ford.  Instead of yelling °fore" when teeing off, George W is alleged to have called out °six!"  Nixon supposedly cheated when playing.
°The Road To Heaven" is a parody of a Bing Crosby and Bob Hope °road" movie.  To great effect, Grimmer and Babinski recreate moments from °The Road To Morocco."  Their impersonation of the legendary actors is quite good.
There is also a song we first think is going to be serious and deep.  °The Beautiful Time" turns out to be an ode to miniature golf.  We know where the song is going when the Donald Duck character in the game is remembered. We are told how sad it is when the golf ball is taken away on the 18th green. It's sad but true.
There is a very enjoyable song that suggests golf players are very tenacious: "I'm Going Golfing Tomorrow" will have us believe that the game's players will go out in rain, sleet, or snow to get their 18 holes in.
These and most other songs in the show are light and enjoyable.  However, °No Blacks, No Chicks, No Jews" seems unnecessary. The song pokes fun at golf club membership practices that excluded these groups. I am sure this was the case at one time, but today its message seems a bit anachronistic.
Despite its few shortcoming, °Golf: The Musical" is a fun romp. For $42.95 plus tax, you get a good meal and show, which has to be one of Door County's better bargains.  It costs less than what you would pay for just a show in most large cities.  There will be a matinee July 26. Tickets for that performance cost $39. The show runs until Aug. 26.   °Same Time Next Year" will be playing Sept. 1 through Oct. 14.  For more information or to purchase tickets, call Door Off Broadway at 823-2899 or go to

Marty Lash is a member of the North American Music Critics Association and a former contributing editor and classical music reviewer for the Illinois Entertainer.  He can be reached at

Posted July 7, 2006

'Golf' has good sport with the sport

By Warren Gerds

JACKSONPORT — The phrase "jolly sports musical" doesn't sound quite right, but it fits "Golf: The Musical."

Fresh to the area, the show is in the midst of a summer run at Door Off Broadway Dinner Theatre.

With clever material by creator Michael Roberts and a bright cast, it's often a hoot. At times, it's tongue-in-cheek. Among 10 reasons the show exists, we're told, is it was "inspired by the singing and dancing talent of Arnold Palmer."

At times, it's knife-in-the-back. Take this for bloody satire: "No Blacks, No Chicks, No Jews" is a shocker title, but then the song stabs at the exclusivity at a course in Georgia. "Not Augusta," we're told. Yeah, right.

At times, it's beautiful. "The Road to Heaven" finds golf-loving Bing Crosby and Bob Hope playing another round in the beyond. They sing a bit, dance a bit, tell jokes, tease each other and bring their joy to the game. The two performers may not ring true as Hope and Crosby, but they're close enough.

The cast also shows its youth in "Hook and Slice." It's built to be delivered as quick, somewhat inane banter of an old vaudeville routine, but that style is a bit out of the players' league.

However, director/choreographer James Zimmerman and the cast of Andy Babinski, Brad Grimmer, Brady Lowe and Ashley Pankow (with a drummer and pianist) crank out plenty of dash and desire overall.

Pankow adds oomph in feisty ways. "My Husband is Playing Around," for instance, finds her exploding in comically mistaken ways. (The husband is playing a round of golf).

The four singer-dancers have good harmony and timing. They're nimble and make the little musical bounce.

The show offers a feel for the game in terms. It covers personalities (one song exalts Tiger Woods, another plays with presidential play). It's nostalgic (the Hope and Crosby scene). It's fresh (name dropping Michelle Wie, for one). It has fun with human nature surrounding the game (the tune "It's Not My Fault," spans "excuses, lies, threadbare alibis").

Just a brief note to say that we thoroughly enjoyed the performance of “Golf the Musical” last Thursday evening……IT WAS A HOOT!  And for those of us that “try” and play the game, it struck home.  Much to our surprise when reading the play bill, several members of the cast were graduates or are still going to Viterbo University in La Crosse, we live in neighboring Onalaska.

This was our second experience at Door Off Broadway and I’m sure it won’t be the last.  Congratulations to all for a great production, job well done!

Suzanne and David Frey

Onalaska, WI

P.S. I’m glad I kept my dinner napkin to wipe away the tears from laughing so much!

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